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Adaptive Ski Clinics

We are all different. Some of us have different abilities than others. But one thing is clear: Water skiing is for everyone, no matter one's ability. 

Each year, the club holds adaptive skiing clinics for those of us in the community who have differing abilities. Please take a look at some photos from past events, and read below for information about how adaptive skiing works, its history in Pewaukee, and how you can help.

2024 Clinic Dates
  • Saturday, August 24

Registration information to come


How it works

A custom-made sit ski is used to provide the skier with a wide, stable surface. Some adaptive skis are wider or more narrow, depending on a person's skill. Some sit skis have outriggers to increase that stability. Depending on a person's ability, a skier can ski solo, or is partnered up with skiers who support the adaptive skier during the run, and to keep the skier safe.

A spotter sits in the boat and watches the skier throughout their ski set. The spotter also has a special quick release, to release the tow rope if the spotter sees something that is concerning, or when the skier returns to shore.

When a skier returns to shore, the side skiers remain alongside the adaptive skier, while volunteers hop into the water to help bring the adaptive skier back to shore.

If skiing isn't your cup of tea, the club also offers several other options for clinic participants to enjoy their day out on the water.

Greg Wilkinson Adaptive Waterfront Festival

Promoting the sport of water skiing is at the heart of the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club. The club held its first adaptive ski clinic in the late 1980s.

For decades, the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club has provided people with differing abilities the opportunity to enjoy life on the water. The passion for passing the handle was a love of late club member Greg Wilkinson.

Each year, the club holds several adaptive ski clinics, including the Greg Wilkinson Adaptive Waterfront Festival, in Greg's memory. Each year we welcome adaptive skiers of all abilities to the water and ski with club members. The club has a long-standing partnership with Adaptive Community Approach Program, Inc., and the Lynzay Legois Free Water Skiing Club.


Help support our adaptive clinics

The club has seen interest in its adaptive skiing program grow, year after year. Currently, the club hosts nearly 100 adaptive skiers each summer. This has put a lot of wear and tear on our custom adaptive ski, which is nearing the end of its usable life. An adaptive ski system costs around $5,000. If you would like to help the club carry on its mission of bringing water skiing to everyone of all abilities, please click the button below and reach out!

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